Is there really a Mom?

Yes! There really is a mom. She’s lived in Julian for the past 38 years and counting. She’s raised four wonderful children, all of whom graduated from Julian High School, and worked at the shop to earn enough "dough" for college.

How many pies do you make?

Well, it depends on the day and the season. During the fall “Julian Apple Day” celebration we make hundreds of pies per weekend day, each one as tasty as the next. And that’s plenty!

What kind of apples do you use?

Generally, Mom likes to use Gravenstein, Jonathan and Granny Smith, because they have great taste, good texture, and hold up to baking just right. However, Mom will use almost any local Julian Apple when they are in season. Jona-Gold, Arkansas Black, Empire, Golden Delicious, Pippin, and Macintosh are a few of the local varietals Moms has used during Julian Apple Day celebrations.

Are all of the pies made here?

Absolutely, all of our pies are made fresh at Moms. Just come to the window on Main Street in Julian or follow the path past the rose garden at Moms Wynola to watch the bakers putting the pies together.

Can I buy a Moms pie anywhere else?

Mom believes the best way to ensure a quality pie every time is for customers to pick them up at either of our two locations. Mom wants to know she sent you home with the freshest pie possible.

How do I re-heat/ bake my pie?

To reheat pie, place whole pie in 225 degree oven until warmed through, or to heat by slice in microwave 22 seconds per slice. To bake a frozen pie- Place in pre-heated 375 degree oven for 20 minutes. Reduce heat to 350 degrees and bake until apples are bubbly and top is browned. There's plenty of butter in the crust and French crumb topping so don't be afraid to get some color in your bake.

What's in a crust?

Mom's makes two main crust on the pies that we call Flakey or Crumb.

The Flakey, often called pastry top, is a traditional rolled crust top. This crust is not sweetened and is well...flakey.

The French Crumb top is sprinkled on, not rolled and made with sugar, butter and flour.

Ingredients: Unbleached wheat flour, butter, vegetable shortening, water and salt. Our French Crumb or streusel to some of our visitors, is a classic flour, butter and sugar combo.

How can I cut the line?

Call in your whole pie order the day before your visit and pick it up at the location of your choice.

What about shipping them to me?

Yes! Moms can deliver pies anywhere within the continental U.S. You can order on-line through our on-line store or call our Pie Line (760) 765.2472 during normal business hours for information regarding shipping costs and times.